BHE at ILA Berlin Air Show 2014

23. April 2014.

BHE will participate at ILA Berlin Air Show between May 20-22, 2014 where the company will present its latest developed UAV system. BHE is also going to exhibit satellite communication products, including TT&C, high data rate onboard transmitters, SSPAs, up & down converters and other satcom units.

Please find the related brochures hereby:

UAV brochure    Special products brochure    Space related products brochure

UAV on a new application area

28. March 2014.

We have successfully finished a meteorological research project in cooperation with Eötvös Lóránd University and National University for Public Service.  The BHE UAV (BXAP15) equipped with meteorological instruments provides a cost effective, simple and precise solution for acquiring data for more accurate meteorological models.  Besides on-board digital recording of sensor data, all sensor and position information are real-time visible on the ground. With the evolution of unmanned aerial vehicles, a new tool appeared in meteorological measurements.

For more information please, read our UAV brochure.

BHE at Mobile World Congress 2014

06. February 2014.

BHE successfully participated at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona between February 24-27., 2014. The company presented its latest developed repeaters and passive components for GSM, DCS, UMTS (W-CDMA), LTE, FM, VHF, DAB and TETRA. These units support single, multiple bands and DAS architecture too. Please find the related brochures hereby.

BHE Mobile Telecom brochure    BHE EuMW Poster - UAV Solutions    BHE TETRA Product Family brochure

BHE at Defexpo India 2014

17. January 2014.

BHE successfully participated at Defexpo India 2014 between 06th-09th February 2014 where the company's various offering such as electronic warfare, altimeter, high reliability professional oscillators, synthesizers, converters, telemetry transceivers, radar equipments, Critical Communications Solutions, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), aerospace modules was presented.

New UAS demo video

17. December 2013.

The new video has been released to summarize the key parameters of BHE Unmanned Aerial System (UAS).
As the latest activity BHE UAS demonstrated perfect skills as an in-situ carrier platform of micro-meteorological sensors for mesoscale meteorological model evaluation and atmospheric turbulence research in the Planetary Boundary Layer in cooperation with National University of Public Service.



BHE in the Indian Mars Mission

08. November 2013.

In 5th November 2013 the Indian Mars Orbiter Mission started. Aerospace Division of BHE supplied the BMCD35 microwave downconverters for the ground stations which are used to receive the telemetry and Doppler ranging signals of the spacecraft. The project was awarded to BHE on an international tender. BHE successfully completed the project for the entire satisfaction of ISRO. This is the first time when a product designed and manufactured by Hungarian aerospace company is part of an interplanetary spacecraft mission.  Domestic space industry has proved by BHE its ability to take active part in the most significant international space programs.

BHE at EuMW 2013 exhibition

24. September 2013.

BHE successfully participated at European Microwave Week in NCC Nuremberg, Germany between 6-11 October 2013, where the company presented its latest microwave developments. The product portfolio comprises of signal sources, up/downconverters, LNA-s as well as repeaters and passive components. The brand new UAV with encrypted, robust microwave datalink to transmit online video and telemetry data was shown there too.

BHE EuMW Poster - Space Related Products   BHE EuMW Poster - UAV Solutions   BHE EuMW Poster - Critical Communications Network Components

New brochure: Space related products

18. September 2013.

BHE Space related products The new space brochure has been released to summarize BHE's latest developments in the space industry. The brochure presents our current offerings in Spaceborne, Airborne and Ground segments as well as latest achievements on Radar subsystems.

LNA Catalogue

28. August 2013.

BHE LNA Catalogue 2013 The new LNA catalogue has been released to summarize the key data of BHE comprehensive portfolio in this area. Customers well find offerings upto 20 Ghz of various types and connector options.

Product announcement: BPBS32 S-band Outdoor Power Amplifier

23. July 2013.

After the great success of the S-band redundant SSPA (BPBS11), now the single version (BPBS32) is available for global sale. It is ideal for those who do not want redundancy but would like to enjoy the full benefit of the excellent parameters of this amplifier.

Product announcement: BRRV17 Dual Channel Duplex VHF Repeater

04. July 2013.

The BRRV17 is a 19" rack mounted, 2-2 uplink and downlink channel frequency repeater with built in duplexers. The unit can be combined with BHE rackmount TETRA, FM Broadcast and DAB repeaters fulfilling the various communications need of special places like tunnels or underground stations.

Product announcement: Test Transmitters

05. June 2013.

BHE has developed two new test transmitters (BUTG10 and BUTS12) to broaden its offering for Mobile Operators. Apart from the successful Attenuator matrixes (BUAW11 and BUAW12) and Faraday Box, now installation and operational personnel can test GSM / DCS / UMTS and LTE systems. Working closely with representatives of major operators, the two new units has special features like external signal source and output signal monitor too.

BHE at Critical Communications World

08. May 2013.

BHE has successfully participated at Critical Communications World in Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris, France between 22-24 May 2013 where the company presented its latest Critical Communications Solutions: FM/VHF/DAB and TETRA repeaters as well as related passive components.

BHE CCW Poster - Analogue Solutions   BHE CCW Poster - Company   BHE CCW Poster - Digital

BHE CCW Poster - FM/VHF/DAB Solutions   BHE CCW Poster - Optical Set   BHE CCW Poster - Passive Components

BHE at AERO Friedrichshafen 2013

11. April 2013.

BHE has successfully participated at AERO Friedrichshafen exhibition at Hall B4 211 where the company's UAV system was presented. Customers could see there the possible payload options like SAR and altimeter (BUAC12) as well.

Product announcement: Attenuator Matrix

22. March 2013.

Based on the great success of the 4x4 attenuator matrix (BUAW11), BHE has released the new, 6x6 version, BUAW12. Two Faraday boxes complete the offering with which Mobile operators can effectively perform handover tests of their devices for GSM/DCS/UMTS/LTE.

BHE at Mobile World Congress 2013

14. March 2013.

BHE has successfully participated at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona between February 25-28th 2013. The company presented its latest LTE, UMTS, DCS, GSM and TETRA repeaters and passive products for service providers there. Visitors also had a chance to get acquainted with BHE test automation solutions and product services.

Thank you for visiting our booth 8.1K10!

Please, find the related brochures hereby:

Mobile Telecom 2013   Passive Products for Mobile

BMCD33 - a new member of the Down Converter family

07. February 2013.

BHE is pleased to introduce BMCD33 S-band Down Converter, a new development in the Down Converter family.

The BMCD Down Converters are intended for use in professional applications such as satellite earth stations.

BMCD33 is based on a new architecture with single conversion step containing high level mixer to achieve low intermodulation distorsion. The local source can be internal or external (selectable by front panel control key). In case of internal local source the phase noise is extremly low making it possible to receive very weak signals close to the thermal noise floor.

Apart from X-band Down Converters released earlier this year the now BHE professional S-band family has been extended by this new product.

For more information check its datasheet.

New Synthesizers

31. January 2013.

BHE has released two new synthesizers in the X-band: BSVX20 & BSVX21. Both have very low phase noise figures and fine tuning steps. For the full set of offering in this area please see our Signal Sources Catalogue.

Product announcement: VHF solutions

11. January 2013.

BHE has released a set of new products in VHF: Similar to the architecture in FM and DAB it contains a repeater (BRRV14) and an amplifier module (BRRV15) as major building blocks.

Based on these modules virtually any configuration can be built depending on the actual customer's need.  On the picture there is one example of such tailored made solution, the dual channel duplex VHF repeater (BRRV16).

Signal Sources Catalogue

11. December 2012.

BHE Signal Sources Catalogue 2013/1 We are pleased to release our latest catalogue for signal sources. Due to the continuous innovations in this area BHE now can offer  full set of products (upto 40GHz) with both fixed and tunable frequencies.  In the current portfolio customers well find the best fit for their need - could the first priority be broad band, low noise and/or fast tuning. Should you have any question please contact

BHE at Electronica

09. February 2012.

BHE has successfully participated at Electronica Fair in Munich between November 13-16., 2012. During the exhibition the company presented its latest portfolio including radio altimeter, SAR system, high reliability professional oscillators, synthesizers, up- and downconverters, modern telemetry, digital communications aerospace and radar systems.

Thank you for visiting our booth!

For further information please contact us:

Please, find the presented posters hereby:

BHE Electronica Poster - Airborne   BHE Electronica Poster - FM/VHF/DAB Solutions   BHE Electronica Poster - Passive Components   BHE Electronica Poster - Repeaters

BHE Electronica Poster - Satellite   BHE Electronica Poster - Signal Sources   BHE Electronica Poster - UAV Family

Project Fund

09. February 2012.

The Tech_08-D5/2-2008-0051 project is supported by the
Research and Technology Innovation Fund

A Tech_08-D5/2-2008-0051 projekt a
Kutatási és Technológiai Innovációs Alap
támogatásával valósul meg.

New Products Releases

05. October 2011.

BHE is pleased to announce its latest developments in the TETRA repeater family. Now the new BRMF20 optical master is available, that can be used - apart for all standard TETRA bands - for VHF and GSM too.


Among the slave units the new BRTF13 has been released and now together with BRTF10 they cover the mini- and macro offerings in this category.

EL-TECH Center

06. July 2010.

The building of EL-TECH Center consists of three, separate wings and the connecting parts joining them together, containing - beside classic functions (offices, laboratories and workshops) - conference rooms, restaurant and café as well. There are more than 100 parking lots in the basement garage. Environmental awareness characterises the building: heating and air conditioning is provided by the installed 600kW heat pump system, which greatly reduces the building's energy consumption.

The investors intend to create a research/development/production center of electronics, in which the settled companies can utilize the latest technology in planning, production, assembling and testing (eg.: vibration-, tempered-, EMC test laboratories, antistatic assembly rooms, clean-labs with chip bonding technology, CNC workroom etc.

The high technology standard of the center enables the settled companies to participate in international R&D projects and tenders.


Thank you for your interest in our products. BHE is a flexible, dynamically growing company, employing highly skilled and motivated RF and microwave experts to develop and manufacture state of the art microwave products.
Among others, this product line includes: Low Phase Noise RF and Microwave Synthesizers, Low Noise Microwave Amplifiers, High Power Microwave Amplifiers, GSM, DCS, UMTS, TETRA Repeaters and passive devices, Microwave Up / Down Converters, Phase Locked Oscillators, Microwave Subsystems for Radar and other military related systems, Small UAVs, Components and Subsystems for Aerospace and Space industry such as Digital Command Receivers, Telemetry Transmitters, Up / Down Converters, Solid State Power Amplifiers, Satellite Uplink Transmitters, Digital Demultiplexers and Demodulators, Satellite Monitoring Systems just to name some.
This Web-Site provides a general overview about our products and services, but does not represent fully our overall capabilities. Since we have a talented and innovative R&D team, we are capable to make custom tailored designs and solutions, based on your own specifications. If you need such solutions, please contact us at any time.